CHANGE CHURCH like Christ changed the world. CREATE RELATIONSHIP with God and your neighbor.

We are The Neighborhood Church

In this church we hear children laugh and babies cry, we hear good music and a great message. We give high fives. We give BIG hugs.

What is happening in the life of The Neighborhood Church


Change Church. Create Relationship. Its what we do...and here is how.


KidCITY is our Children’s Ministry from birth through 6th grade. Children now bring parents to church and we love that and embrace it! It is time that faith taken home and is given back to the family.


Ephesians 2 says “We are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” We seek to create relationships with God and others through service.


We believe in gathering together like Jesus did with his disciples and those who followed him. We believe in doing mission together and creating lasting relationships that impact every part of our ministry in this community.

A few of the organizations we have served with!


What our families are saying...

  • We love TNC’s true community of kids, families & individuals all gathered to grow, learn, love & share through Christ. It’s a loving community that welcomes you just as you are.

    — Jones Family —
  • TNC is a family. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do for a living, how you dress or how long you’ve loved the Lord – all are welcome. There is a level of unconditional love and acceptance in our congregation that I have never experienced before at church.

    — Poindexter Family —
  • I love TNC because I feel Like I can be me and there is absolutely no judgement. Pastor Joe keep me laughing and you don’t fall asleep in his sermons. Last, but not least I love TNC because my 12 year old son has never been closer to the Lord.

    — Harris Family —
  • One reason I love TNC is because I have never ever felt judgement or hypocrisy from the pastor or anyone else in the congregation for that matter. What I have felt, is the abundance of love, hope, and compassion from who at one time were total strangers to me. Now, they are simply extensions of my family.

    — Scalese —

Meet Our Team

Not called to the status quo or "this is how we've done it before." This team has a vision that is willing to CHANGE CHURCH to CREATE RELATIONSHIP with God!

Who are we?

Meet the team who is helping to grow this church

Joe Liles

Lead Pastor

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Joe Liles

Jess Liles

KidCITY Director

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Jess Liles

Holly Jones

Band Leader (Vocals)

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Holly Jones


Kevin Mangold

Creative Director

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Kevin Mangold

Alli Rupp

Adventure Guide

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Alli Rupp

I was convinced then, as I am now, that God is most honored through living, active, death-defying, out-of-the-box faith.

— Andy Stanley, Deep and Wide

Worship 9:00am | Worship 10:40am

When we hear the word "worship" We hear PRAISE We hear LIFE We hear a mighty AMEN!!

What message are we going to hear…



Find a message

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Its my first time, what is it like Sunday morning…


The hardest challenge for any person trying out church for the first time is to walk through those front doors…

What we promise in worship
  • Its CASUAL…we want you to be who you are
  • Its ENERGETIC…we want to praise God with you
  • Its BIBLICAL…we will open the word every Sunday
  • Its for YOU…the message will reach your life.


We worship as a full body of Christ. That means that we want families to be in worship with us!

What we promise to our families
  • CLASSES…age specific classes for children
  • VERSE…always go home with a bible verse
  • NAME…we will know your child’s name
  • RESOURCE…family resources to take faith home


We are a series based church and we always seek to do a study on Sunday mornings with our series!

What we promise in study
  • DEEPER…you will dig deeper into the bible
  • CONVERSATION…you will be a part of the study
  • CHALLENGE…we will ask questions
  • RELEVANT…you can apply it to your life

God’s definition of what matters is pretty straightforward. He measures our lives by how we love..

— Francis Chan, Crazy Love


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